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There’s so much I would want to change quickly: Hard Kaur



As kids, we often wrote imaginative pieces on what would we do if we became the prime minister in order to encourage debate and explore innovative ideas. Taking a cue from that practice and in the wake of the Lok Sabha elections, HT asks Hard Kaur to list out their plans and priorities while imagining them to be in the shoes of an MP.

 Who is your favourite politician, and why?

I have many favourites. At times I like Arvind Kejriwal for awakening the Indian middle class. I also admireNarendra Modi since he has proved himself time and again.

 Which politician is most well-dressed?

Rahul Gandhi is probably the most well-dressed. Still I wish other politicians also had style as it’s better to watch them looking good on TV.

What would be your work timings as an MP?

It would be 24×7. If one has the responsibility of the entire country, then one can’t rest. I’ll have some rest time, but no social life.

Would you want personal security?

That’s needed no matter whether you are a politician or some other celebrity. I always walk around with a gang of boys. But I wouldn’t want to get into anyone’s way and create traffic jams, so I can do with a helicopter.

What would be your USP as an MP?

Change by force. I would want to change so much so quickly, like our rights to live in a better system to infrastructure to welldesigned roads, strict traffic rules to pollution issues. I would ensure that the police and those who protect us were well paid. Then I would force change. Call me aggressive, but sometimes that’s how you get things done.

Which Bollywood actor would you rope in to campaign for you?

I would rope in Salman Khan. People love him and will definitely listen to him and go and vote.

What would you wear if you became an MP? 

I would still be in my white vest, grey joggers and have a pair of sneakers on so I can run around and get work done than worry about heels or wearing a saari.

Which car would you like to travel in as MP? 

I would like to travel in an SUV like a Range Rover.

What would be your pitch to connect with the youth?

I would request them to think about their future and connect to what their needs might be and work on making things better for their future and careers.

How would you inspire the youth to go out and vote?

That’s exactly what I’ve done with my voting song ‘Karle voting’, which is available online.

What would be your slogan and symbol?

My slogan would be “We have a right to live a better life”. My symbol would be an arm up in the air with a heart tattoo. It would stand for ‘we deserve better’ and the heart would be for keeping peace and loving one another

Three issues/changes you would like to raise in Parliament.

My first focus would be on education, it should not only be a right but a compulsion. Proper education alone can handle many problems, such as poverty, population and crime, and inculcate values. There would be accountability at every level, which would remove corruption. Safety and security is the right of every individual.

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