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The School for Creative Art

AnitaAnita Singh is the founder and owner of All About Art, Airdire.

She was born in India and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kanpur University in 1982. She began her career as an art teacher from elementary school in India and later moved to the Middle East, where she taught art to students from grade 3 to 12. She migrated to Canada in 2009 and settled in Airdrie, Alberta in 2011. She has been painting professionally for the last 21 years now.


Teaching art and painting is her full time profession.

Anita is a versatile artist, talented in various art forms including but not limited to – sketching, water colors, acrylics, oil painting, charcoal, knife, decoupage, fabric and silk painting, ceramics, tie and dye, batik and pot painting. Her school aims at providing quality and competitive art education in a warm and friendly environment to students of all age groups and skill levels, which inspires and enables them to reach their true artistic potential. Her mission is to provide quality programs, tailored to student needs, in a wide variety of different and rare art forms and mediums at an affordable cost and at convenient times to students. At All About Art, the class sizes are always kept small so as to maximize the focus on each students learning. Also available at All About Art is an array of paintings made by Anita ranging in themes from Indian mythology and middle-eastern culture to abstract modern and contemporary western themes. Custom artwork can also be requested for example converting a family photo to oil on canvas.


Source: http://www.helloimmigrants.com

A New Way to Say Hello!

A New Way to Say Hello!





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