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STOP B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G oNe StEp aT a TiMe

Bullying can date as far back as 1710 when it was first introduced as a “blusterer” or “harasser of the weak”.[i] Bullying has revolutionized according to the way the world has been changed. In today’s modern world with high tech gadgets, the internet has more ways to interact and socialize, but it has its ups and downs. It’s great to be able to interact with others right from the palm of your hand, sitting on the couch and multitasking at the same time. But, it’s also even easier for people to say rude things, post rude comments, easily hurt you emotionally without even knowing you, and it’s all done with ease.

STOP B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G oNe StEp aT a TiMe

STOP B-U-L-L-Y-I-N-G oNe StEp aT a TiMe

October is National Bullying Prevention Month for people to raise awareness about this issue that happens with everyone somehow of any size, age or shape. It’s important for people to know what National Bullying Prevention Month really is, how they can participate in it and how newcomers that come into Western Countries are sometimes affected by it.

National Bullying Prevention Month is raising awareness about how bullying is a growing problem for today’s generation with the increased amount of freedom that everyone has from the internet nowadays. Everyone knows that they have probably been a part of bullying through one way or the other by participating in it as a bystander, bully or sometimes unfortunately the bullied. I myself have been a part of these things and have in fact experienced all three because of how bullying affected me. I regret being a bystander/bully because I could have stopped or I could have made a difference in the way some things turned out for me. I also wish I could go in the past to stand up for myself during the time I was bullied.

Participating in such a campaign is easy by raising the concerns of the different types of bullying and how it can be stopped. There are three standard types of bullying out there that hurt millions of people each day. They are physical bullying, verbal bullying and last but not least cyber bullying. The most common type found in people of all ages is verbal bullying because it’s the easiest form out of all and hurts the person the most. Verbal Bullying consists of sarcasm, name-calling, teasing, spreading rumours and threatening. Physical bullying consists of hitting, poking, pinching, chasing, shoving, and unwanted sexual touching. Cyber bullying consists of text messaging or using the internet to put-down, intimidate, spread rumours or make fun of someone. Nowadays, there is even another type of bullying that has reached the standard of becoming popular which is the act of social bullying. Social bullying occurs by humiliating others with public gestures or graffiti and mobbing, too.

Newcomers that come into Canada or the United States are sometimes made fun of the way they talk, act, walk or think. This is an act of judgement and making fun of someone by making them feel bad about who they are, should be dealt with right away. If such a concern is never going to be addressed that will lead to the person’s suffering with an emotional breakdown or suicidal thoughts. Remember, we are all unique and no one is like us, be happy, be courageous. Do this by never letting anybody pull you down for identity, race, religion, background, colour, and ethnicity. Let’s face it, God created each and every single person for a reason and that is why each and every one of us is special because we have something to accomplish on this great world of ours.

If you would like to learn more about what I thought about bullying a while ago, visit this link below:

By: Harnoor Gill
Grade 10 student
Christ The King Catholic Secondary School
Georgetown, Ontario Canada

[i] “Bully”, Online Etymology Dictionary,  http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=bully.

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