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Sri Amritsar Sahib to Become Tobacco Free

AMRITSAR SAHIB  – With the alarming rise in cases of oral cancer in the city, the Additional Deputy Commissioner Jasbeer Singh announced the enforcement of COTPA (Control Of Tobacco Products Act 2003) with strict measures. The meeting held at Circuit House Amritsar was attended by officials from various departments where it was decided to award strict punishment to any person caught smoking or consuming tobacco.

Police Officials have been directed to conduct raids at public places and curb the growing menace. In addition, orders have been issued to the Education Department to organize seminars and camps to spread awareness among the youth about the ill effects of tobacco and cigarette smoking.


With World No Tobacco Day being observed on 31 May, Jasbeer Singh said that the teachers and students from schools, colleges and universities would observe the Anti Tobacco Pledge Day where a pledge would be taken by them at 8.20 am against the use of tobacco in any form.

Many Sikhs have lauded these efforts due to Tobacco’s ill effects on society and have also asked for similar measures against alcohol.


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