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Salute Parkash Kaur for enlightening lives of women

She may not be a woman unfamiliar to the country. On her works, articles have been published. On her life, films have been documented. For her achievements, national awards have been presented. But she is, what she was?simple, innocent, god -loving. On Women’s Day, let’s salute Bibi Parkash kaur for enlightening the lives.
At THREE in the morning, her day starts with washing dirty clothes of infant girls. Then, the breakfast is prepared. At 4, the girls are woken up to be ready for their respective schools, followed by mass reciting of religious scriptures. As the day unfolds, she gets busy with preparing the meals, and managing the operations of an orphanage, which recently came into limelight after the visit of Ms Nita Ambani.
Meet Bibi Parkash Kaur, the founder and the spirit of Unique Home, the “mamma” of 60 girls, whom she refuses to call ‘adopted’. For her, they are the lord’s blessings. Dressed in a worn-off white salwar kameez, with simplest chappals in foot, she manages to avoid answering questions on her noble deeds and refuses any credit, each time. “It’s never me. It’s only my almighty who takes care of his own children through me. It may seem to a man that he alone is the doer, but the Power which makes him work is the ultimate. Man has nothing in his hand”, remarks the lady in white, who didn’t marry to provide life to the girls, considered dead by their parents. The lady has contributed immensely to the society. She also received ‘heroes of India, 2011’ an award by CNN-IBN, besides many national level recognitions for her noble deed of founding and managing a Unique Home for girls in Jalandhar.In Punjab, there are those who don’t let the girl child take birth, some, who throw or dump her out once she is born, and then there are many those who though bring her up, but only to give her a life, devoid of her rights and freedom. Girls are surely getting good education today, but according to Bibi, it’s worthless if they are still made to feel to be of inferior gender in the family environment. Even when many of them have proven themselves in different fields, it has not influenced the tendency of Punjabis to long for sons. She calls upon the people of Punjab to actually follow the teachings of the Gurus and stop discriminating.

“They are disturbing the nature’s balance by killing daughters. Man has acquired animal flair due to this. Child abuses, rapes, harassment all are consequences of depleting ethical character. The only way things can be made better is by strengthening moralities, right from the young age, through school and college education”. She firmly supports the need for a compulsory subject of moral values, with quality teachings of verses from scriptures of all religions. This would ensure an enlightened generation. She even pleads media and TV industry to spread patriotism and value based entertainment for budding minds.

A proud nani of grandchildren of some of her married daughters, Parkash Kaur, believes it is only the mothers who can save the society, by nurturing their children with ‘love of humanity’—the words she fondly propagates. “We need not learn anything grave and different, just, how to love humanity, equally.”

A social worker, dutiful soul, innocently modest, whatever was said to define her, seemed a bit small in front of her divine persona. Aged but face afresh with zeal. Commonest attire but thoughts ahead of times. Tough but epitome of compassion and love, here was a woman who showed the world what a woman could do for women – creating a better world.

– See more at: http://www.merinews.com/article/salute-parkash-kaur-for-enlightening-lives-of-women/15866890.shtml#sthash.oNbQZYvT.dpuf

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