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Popular demand of JoSH a Canadian band

Invited back by popular demand, JoSH, is a Canada band that has become synonymous with the flourishing South Asian Canadian music in north American market. Josh Brings new full 8 piece band and a choir this year for Mosaic audience to wow them yet again. Josh has pierced through the difficult mainstream walls performing and producing hit remixes for Nelly Furtado’s album “Loose”, “The Promiscuous Girl” and “Maneater”. “JoSH Desi Remixes” have taken the music markets by storm and are played in the biggest clubs in North American. Since ‘Main Hoon Tanha’ in 2001 and ‘Kabhi’ in 2004 with Universal Music India added yet another dimension the original JoSH sound featuring remixes by Rishi Rish and RDB. “Josh Entertainment” has produced several artists and Josh is easily the most recognizable Canadian band with South Asian sound around the world.

Rup (Rupinder Magon), born and raised in Montreal. His upbringing in Sadh Sangath (traditional Sikh Music) and guidance of illuminated souls, helped Rup fuse music and spirituality in Josh’s albums. Rup’s musical influences include Indian ragas, North American pop music, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Michael Jackson. Josh initially started as a cover band singing from various musical influences including popular Punjabi, filmi, Qawali, or ghazals. Josh impressed its crowds with its versatility; Endearing crowds with his interactive and friendly demeanour Rup has become a lead singer, as well as music arranger and co-producer with his partner and best friend, Q. Rup is an avid cook and an actor as well.

(Qurram Hussain) joined Josh bringing with him a unique perspective on fusion and 80’s glam rock era. Q’s earliest influences include Guns’n’Roses, a variety of musical genres including R&B, Hip Hop, Drum n’ Bass (à la Talvin Singh), and qawwali as sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. While UK music industry was experiencing releases of CDs like “Anokha : Soundz of the Asian Underground” Q was finding his own sound and his own interpretation of various influences and defining his own art. His first compositions, Main Hoon Tanha, ended up as the title track for Josh’s extremely successful debut album. That spark got the creative juices flowing, and eventually ended up with 8 songs that defined Josh’s, “Main Hoon Tanha”. He feels that teaming up with Rup has been lucky as he is able to find the interpretations of his influences while he continues making music that he enjoys listening to”.

Mosaic Festival especially recognizes Anokhi’s Raj Girn for introducing Josh to Mosaic festival.



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