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New Jersey School District Declares Public Holiday on Diwali

WASHINGTON:  A small school district in New Jersey has declared Diwali as a public holiday on November 11 this year, meeting the long standing demand of the Indian-Americans of the area.

diwali_diya_apna_punjab_liveA decision in this regard was taken by the Glen Rock Public School Board of Education last week.

The public school has more than 2,300 students enrolled in its six schools in New Jersey.

According to local NorthJersey.Com, Rona McNabola, the board’s president, said she hopes the vote “sends a message to other communities” with growing Indian populations to at least consider recognising Diwali with a day off.

Hindu-Americans living in the area had last year requested the Board that schools be closed on Diwali to make it easier for Hindu families to observe the holiday.

Sanjiv Ohri, the school board’s vice president, said that Glen Rock’s “Indian community is very happy that the school has recognised the change and addressed the need of a growing community,” the local daily saId.

Story First Published: March 03, 2015 11:24 IST

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