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Moving to Canada?

Are you a student with aspirations for higher studies?

Are you a parent who is moving to Canada?

Are you a professional with gusto for learning?

Then Canada is the right place for you to start your exploration in the field of academics. Check out why you can choose and what Canada offers for those who want to pursue their education….

Canada’s GDP hold among world’s highest rank consistently in the resources in the human, social, financial and natural scale. It is one of the leading nations worldwide when it comes to trading and its economy competes that of the United States.

Being a member of the G-8 with the industrialized nations it holds a very low debt burden. The Canadian education system is one of the highly pointed out system worldwide. Canada is also a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (O.E.C.D.).

With an average low cost for tuition, Canada holds the first position in the overall enrollment of students in the age group of 18 to 21 in the post-secondary education on both public and private institutions.

Why Choose Canada for your Studies?

  • Canada is one of the Best places to live with the highest standards of living in the world
  • Be the one to witness one of the most beautiful, natural environments in the world
  • A relatively peaceful, safe and orderly country to Stay and Study
  • A diverse Country with various ethnicities and a bilingual with two official languages, English and French
  • Canada offers superior English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) programs for students wishing to learn either or both languages
  • Experience the stimulating environment in which to do business and to learn @Canada
  • An international leader in computer and information technologies, Canada has a reputation for excellence in such sectors as engineering, medicine and research.

How do I get a Study Permit?

  • What is Study Permit?
  • Decide your field of Study and check what is on offer?
  • Are you Eligible?
  • Applying for Study Permit
  • What are the Processing Times?
  • Eligibility for Scholarships

Arriving at Canada

  • Know the terms and conditions of yours Study Permit
  • Getting in touch with your institution
  • Work while you study
  • Find your student groups
  • Getting your funds

Source: Source: http://www.helloimmigrants.com

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