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I want to promote clean music: Yamla

Vijay Yamla, the grandson of legendary Yamla Jatt, is bracing up to carry forward the musical legacy of his grandfather, who is accredited with the invention of the folk instrument Tumbi.

Vijay has started a Youtube channel ‘Hall of Fame’ on the Internet and has sung his debut song ‘Pyar’ written by his uncle, Jasdev Yamla. “I would also like to promote young talent through the medium of my shows and channel,” said Vijay.

Vijay YamlaVijay said, “I want to promote Punjabi culture through music. The music common these days is harming the Punjabi culture. I want to promote clean music. Although folk instruments are on the verge of extinction, but these very instruments can produce the most magnificent music ever. The instruments may even be used in tandem with the western music. The 25-year-old plays several folk and traditional musical instruments such as dhol, tabla, dhaddh, nagara, Haryanvi nagara, Gujarati and Assamese dhols, in addition to algoze, vanjhali, morchang, ghara, chimta, bugdu, khanjr and synthesizer and drums.

Vijay, who has been lately getting a lot of attention, particularly among the Punjabi audience abroad, owing to his debut single, feels, vulgar lyrics, visuals in the music albums and songs, are harming the Punjabi culture and corrupting the young minds.

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