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‘I believe I’ve matured’ – Babbu Mann

If his songs did the talking so far, today, it was his eyes. If rumors say he’s an alcoholic, his claims say something else. If he is known to be ‘media shy’, today, he finds a way to make the two-hour wait seem worth it. And all that Babbu Mann does is, win your heart.

Babbu-Mann apnapunjablive.com

Babbu-Mann apnapunjablive.com

At ease after the official launch of his new album — Taalash — Mann starts off on a positive note, talking about his NGO, One Hope, One Chance. “Since college, I and my friends have been trying our best to help the ones in need. We’ve distributed uniforms to children, given their school fee, but the work didn’t come under the banner of an NGO, neither did we keep any records.

  Recently, we thought forming an NGO would help us get more volunteers,” says he.

Despite being in the glamour industry, what made you turn media shy? Rarely does media talk about important things; they usually get diverted from the topic of discussion. Many of their questions are senseless — ‘Which was your last album?’ ‘Why have your grown longer?’ Is that really something to discuss? My hair, my decision!

On a lighter note, he adds, “I rarely dress up though. Today, I made the effort of actually dressing up after about two months. I prefer the pajamas with t-shirt look.”

Going on to explain how his pajama and t-shirt look suits his schedule, he says, “I wake up at 7 am and read the newspaper for an hour. My day then begins at my studio in Phase 10, SAS Nagar, which also comprises of my gym. After a brief nap comes the time to practice the chords, followed by one-hour long walk; yes, I tie a cloth on my face. Every Sunday, hundreds of fans are standing outside my studio.”

How has this transition changed you? “Earlier, cars used to excite me, then it was exotic places.

Now, I believe I’ve matured; I end up spending most of my time making music. Since college, I haven’t touched alcohol. I used to smoke; quit the habit last year. When you run an NGO, you change.”

So, what about the rumours? “I’m moody, adamant and straight forward. If something goes wrong, I speak my mind, no matter what. People mistake that; they think I’m under the influence of drugs.” Why don’t you talk about your personal life? “Who is a star? Someone you think you know everything about; certain facts always remain untold.”

Any regrets? “None. I’m satisfied with my life, not with my career. I want to take the Punjabi industry to a level above Bollywood, the key to which is only good cinema.”


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