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‘I am just a singer…’

After releasing three successful albums — Rabbi, Avengi Ja Nahi and Rabbi 3 — Rabbi Shergill has decided to take a route less travelled by celebrated artistes. But, it’s Rabbi after all. YouTube the track Tun Milen: The Ghost of LSD, and you would know what we mean. The single, which was released on YouTube just a week ago, already has 91,829 views (and counting).

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2013/11/RabbiShergill-_compressed.jpgFor a performance in Chandigarh on Saturday, Rabbi believes it’s not easy for an artiste to reach his audience anymore. “It’s not easy for an artiste to reach his audience now; the formula is more complex. Earlier, an artiste had the guarantee to reach his fans through the television. Now, people, especially youngsters, view everything on YouTube. So, being a small, independent musician, I’ve played safe this year and released a single on the online portal. You see, an artiste is an artiste; he cannot be a management guru and PR all at once. I am just a singer at the end of the day,” says Rabbi.

Rabbi was last in the news for being a firm supporter of Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Sanjay Singh, a member of AAP’s national executive, had mentioned in a recent interview with HT that the party had approached Rabbi for support, about which, Rabbi says, “Yes, they did approach me. But, I have campaigned for the party only once. And only once have I addressed their meeting. I am not a member of the party, but I wish them luck. AAP is one party that offers direct democracy for now and would definitely fulfill aspirations of the citizens of Delhi, at least.”

Rabbi, who is credited for penning down unforgettable and bold lyrics, Bilqis for instance, is now in the mood for love, it seems. Ask him if we should expect any tracks on the lines of Bilqis and he says, “I make and write what I feel like. This time, I felt Tun milen eh gal chotti nahi, tun milen tan vi kami jaani nahi, and I made it!”

Having been a part of Coke Studio Pakistan and India, Rabbi is clear about his preferences. “After my experience with both Coke Studios, I can safely say that Pakistan Coke Studio is way ahead of its Indian version; it is a different league altogether. They introduce new windows for music with each passing season. Even content-wise they are much stronger.”


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