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Haveli: Serves Traditional and Rustic Food of Punjab

Theme based restaurants are always a medium to connect people with their culture. These not only provide an environment to the visitors, where they can memorize their cultural heritage, but also delicious traditional cuisine to enjoy.

There is no match when it comes to Punjab, its traditions and appetizing food. But the modern culture is keeping the newest generation away from the rich culture of Punjab. Several restaurants around the world are trying to provide their customers an atmosphere, where they can feel the real essence of Punjab. Haveli is one such destination place in Punjab.

HaveliLocated at Jalandhar-Phagwara highway, Haveli is a theme based restaurant, which apart from scrumptious food, provide scenarios of Punjab. The place is very much famous for its Punjabipan, which brings the quality Punjabi dishes to relish the taste buds of visitors. At the restaurant, there is pure Punjabi food and cosy interior, which adds charm in the personality of the place.

When it comes about food, there are lots of dishes to delight taste buds. In the menu list of the restaurant, there are the traditional dishes of Punjab like Dal, Channa Amritsari, Aloo Zeera, Mix Vegetables, Bhindi Masala, Malai Kofta and so on. The long list of dishes in the menu offers the customers to choose the best for them according to their tastes. In the beverages, there is tea, coffee, soft drinks and Juice. When somebody talks about Punjab, how one can forget to mention Lassi as beverage item! Lassi is a very special item in beverage list of Haveli.Lassi

Apart from food, the thing that helps the restaurant to stand high in the long list of theme based restaurant is the way it is decorated. From the entrance section to the end of the restaurant, there is every single thing that tells several things about Punjab and its villages. There are statues located on various spots of the restaurant, which shows girls doing house work, playing traditional Punjabi games and guys working in the field. All the statues have worn traditional clothes of Punjab.

The first looks of these spots provide the real picture of Punjabi village. How the people of these villages look and how much they are connected to the state, is showcased in these scenarios designed by the creator of this restaurant.

Haveli is a real delight, which is surely the brainchild of a person, who is really in love with Punjab and its culture. It is an authentic place, fit in budget and the one, which definitely will force a person to do Bhangra on his feet.

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