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Harnoor Gill was named Teen of the Year at sixth annual CIBC Midweek South Asian Awards

Harnoor Gill was named Teen of the Year at sixth annual CIBC Midweek South Asian Awards, held at the Grand Victorian Convention Centre.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Harnoor Gill, 15, of Indian descendant, is a sophomore from Christ The King Catholic Secondary School, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.  Gill is an award winning activist, published writer, motivational speaker and founder of Peace Welcome Club (PWC) where it is a youth empowerment organization. Being a voice of youth worldwide, thorough PWC was founded by Gill at the age of 14.

Ali Nice Productions 6472956423 He is a recognized student leader in Canadian pubic and catholic education and has been interviewed and published by local, national and international media resources. Being a well- recognized leader as well as a speaker for a variety of global issues, over the past years, he has been invited to speak about peace, volunteering, how to make a difference, multiculturalism speaking to thousands of students and reaching over to countless children through his articles he wrote.

An active member of his community, Gill has also served on the boards including the Brampton Multicultural Youth Council, and Mayor’s Youth Action Committee of the Town of Halton Hills. In addition, Gill is a contributing writer for national and international community newspapers including Times of India and Asian Journal where he expresses his opinion on a variety of issues, namely youth and the environment. Having volunteered with several organizations such as Halton Children’s Aid Society, Milton Air Cadets, Town of Halton Hills, Willow Park Ecology Centre, Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources, Credit Valley Conservation, Conservation Halton, TV Cogeco, Georgetown Hospital Foundation and Change The World Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge where Harnoor has amassed over 2000 volunteer hours

 An avid volunteer with several groups, Gill has helped to serve meals at the local Sikh temples in town, he contributed his entire awards money from winning the spelling bee contests and his allowances from his parents to help less fortunate by providing them with the jeans via jean green drive.

At his school, Gill has been the Green Team member and Student Voice youth member. He is the youth member of Environmental sub-committee of Town of Halton Hills.  Through his initiatives he integrates into high school positively and motivates others to achieve their full potential.

Upon immigrating to Canada in 2002, he settled with his family in Ontario. He fosters a strong sense of community through his volunteer work with a number of local and international organizations. His work has been recognized by many in his community. He is a first Sikh youth recipient of the prestigious Queens Jubilee Medal. This medal was presented to him for preserving the environment. Gill is no stranger to the world of local and international media.

 Gill has become widely known in the global community as the founder and spokesperson of a popular facebook page, “Peace Welcome Club”. This is where thousands of people on his facebook page visit every day to find out his unique and captivating volunteer experiences as well as learning from them. Therefore, Gill contributes in a multitude of ways to the south asian community to inspire, motivate, and get informed.

Top-notch teen manages to captivate the interest of not only young Canadians but as well new immigrants. Gill makes a valuable contribution to the global community and inspires others by sharing his ideas through his volunteer efforts to his community.

Being a diverse and versatile personality, Gill is very proud of his heritage and an excellent ambassador who works to preserve the environment, and helping newcomer youth to get acquainted with Canadian culture and values. He provides an excellent bridge between the local youth and youth worldwide. His love for reading, writing and advocacy for youth issues has inspired the community to get involved in their respective neighbourhood.

To conclude, worldwide community is proud to have an outgoing, passionate, resolute youth who is making a change for the future, named an only Harnoor Gill!

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