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Book on racism in Canada released

A book depicting the history of racism and immigration has been simultaneously released in Canada and Punjab. The book, ‘Why Mewa Singh Killed William Hopkinson?’ is authored by Canada-based journalist Gurpreet Singh.

Book on racism in CanadaAccording to the press release, the book traces the history of racism and immigration through the murder of Canadian immigration inspector William Hopkinson, who was killed by Ghadar Party activist Mewa Singh in 1914 following the Komagata Maru incident.

The Ghadar Party was formed by Indian immigrants in North America in 1913 with the aim of liberating India from British rule.

Gurpreet said, “The Ghadarites realised that the root cause of their sufferings was slavery back home. The Ghadar Party not only fought against racism in Canada and the US but also foreign occupation of India.”

“Mewa Singh was hanged in 1915 for Hopkinson’s murder. The book puts his action in the broader context of the history of racism and immigration in Canada,” said Gurpreet.

Published by Chetna Parkashan, the book was released by Prof Jagmohan Singh, a social justice activist and Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s nephew, in Ludhiana on Monday and by the descendants of other revolutionaries and freedom fighters at an event in Canada on Sunday


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