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Bhangra Wars 2013 – Team Announcement & Auditions Videos

– TEAM SUPPORTER TICKETS now AVAILABLE TILL 10.08.13 – Contact the TEAM YOU SUPPORT FOR MORE INFORMATION … This year Bhangra Wars is presented by the world’s leading Bhangra website – watch the BHANGRA WARS 2013 Team Audition Videos Here! It is the most successful Independent Open Bhangra Competition of the decade and prides itself in being the first ever UK Bhangra competition open to all Professional Dance Groups and University Bhangra Societies.

bhangra WarsThe competition is strict in its rules however allows flexibility for teams to portray their own version of “UK Bhangra”.

 Our Project Manager states; “We aim to expose UK Bhangra dance in so many ways to allow the International community to visually appreciate the art form. We want to create a buzz of excitement and are confident this competition will attract significant media attention.”

Bhangra Wars is now in its 3rd year and was launched to help raise money for the humanitarian charities Khalsa Aid UK & Focus Punjab. The great of work of this charity and its volunteers has been in the eye of the media recently and has proactively warmed the hearts of millions worldwide. This year we have also decided to support another deserving organisation; The British Sikh Doctors Organisation (UK).

This event is made possible through various sponsors and support from organisations across the British Asian Community.  We have now establishes that Bhangra Wars is a marquee event for the Asian community.

 Competing Teams:

Ankhile Girls
Asian Street Remix
Gabhru Academy
Josh Valaithian Da
Nachda Sansaar
Ankhile Putt Punjab De
Ankhi Jawan
Phulkari Mutiyara Di

With only a few months left we are ready to share essential information:

Date: Saturday 5th October 2013
Venue: Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham
Show Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Number of Judges: 5

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