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AAP: let it be the voice of YOUth!

As of right now politics is in the heat as the election campaign is going on in India right now and it’s quite interesting to Vote for AAPbe able to realize what’s going on back home while living overseas in Canada. It fascinates me to watch how the political parties are crafting policies as well as designing their mottos and agendas according to trending topics or what plans and facilities people want to have in their day-to-day lifestyle. As a young reader, I was eagerly looking for the parties that were targeting young voters as well as their reasons and benefits for the young population. There are many political parties in the game this election season but I will highlight only three of these which include the Indian National Congress Party (Congress), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Aam Admi Party (AAP).

During the election season, I usually just scan through some of the biographies of politicians, but this time I was reading through it more and was in fact surprised to know that some of them have been illiterate and with criminal records. I don’t understand why people choose criminals to be their leaders in the first place and being illiterate in the modern world is acceptable, but they shouldn’t be leading a country that has one of the largest populations on the planet. I am speechless on how this is happening to India and why no one is trying to stop it…

The overall objective of Congress is to accomplish the well-being and advancement of the people of India and the establishment in India. The motto of the Congress states to accomplish this through peaceful and constitutional means. Congress also demands to have equality of opportunity such as political, economic and social rights. They also wish to aim at world peace and fellowship at the same time while successfully advancing the people of India. Congress has been ruling the country for ages but has been drastically unsuccessful on cleaning up the corruption and promises to be a youth friendly nation. The country’s corrupted leaders still have a lead role to play in this party. However do they still deserve a chance to rule the country?

Bhartiya Janta Party was established in 1980 and is also known as “Indian People’s Party”. This is India’s second largest political party and has been categorized as to have generally supported Hindu Nationalism. The BJP party is the favorite party from a Hindus perspective as the party supports concerns of Hindus more than Punjabis and Muslims widely. Therefore, it is generally not very welcomed in other religions especially Muslims due to the demolition of their historic Mosque, Babri Masjid. Muslims still have a big population in India and their concerns should be respected as well just as much as anyone else.

The only party that has bluntly taken drastic actions in attempting to fight against corruption in India would have to be the AAP. They are the only party thus far that has fought against corruption according to their motto and has practically applied their policies into action. This party has been waiting for a long time to come upfront and take the lead role in the political game now. Ever since the support of layman AAP has nonetheless made its way to succeed. What are people waiting for – there is no magic stick that AAP will accomplish their agendas and policies without the support of public if they want to live in a corruption free environment, so let’s vote for the party with the attempt to change something that has destroyed a nation.

The parties are blamed for corruption and in misleading the country are the Congress and BJP. AAP, the newly existed party consists of leaders that have never had any corruption background/charges and are willing to serve the country with a positive and clean approach in politics and they certainly deserve one chance to at least play the political game.

There is one ultimate reason besides corruption to why young people are attracted to the AAP and not the other parties. This is because their entire information is not only open to the public eye but also easily accessible to the public 24/7 on the web. The party leaders are also easily available to reach out by public but that’s not the same with the Congress and BJP. In other words, AAP seems to be more practical in the modern world than the Congress and BJP for individuals and businesses to grow equally.

I have my roots and culture in the state of Punjab in India and it is quite frustrating to know that the growth of bars and pubs is higher than that of hospitals. The increasing usage of drugs and alcohol amongst the youth of this generation is outrageous and corrupted. This state has been led by Congress in the past and the BJP with the collision of a local party Shiromani Akali Dal which has drastically ruined the state to its extreme. Most of its young individuals and professionals have had to move overseas to seek employment and to feed their families because there are not enough resources for them to settle down in Punjab to raise their families. There are countless reasons that have made this state a poor and sick state because of polluted ground, air and water. There need to be more positive steps to take in order to help the people of Punjab and especially the youth survive.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s change India once and for all for it to be a corruption free voice with enthusiastic and educated people for youth and the future of Indians worldwide!

By: Harnoor Gill
Grade 10 student
Christ The King Catholic Secondary School
Georgetown, Ontario

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