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A matter of Faith- Faith Connection a new Movie


To respect his father’s wish, the Indian filmmaker Pan Nalin travels to the biggest gathering on earth, the Kumbh Mela. His cinematic writing narrates encounters with remarkable people of mind and meditation; a runaway kid, a Sadhu, a mother who has lost her son, a Yoga Guru who found an abandoned baby, and a Ganja (cannabis) supplying Holy man. A meditation on time and faith expressed in words and images, “Faith Connections” tries to explore the power of devotion. Written by Anne Magidson


A Sadhu who renounced the society, adopts a baby renounced by society.

 Director:  Pan Nalin

Writer: Pan Nalin

Stars: Bhole Baba, Hatha Yogi Baba, Pant Shirt Baba 

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