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300 Punjabi girls pushed into prostitution in UK: Purewal

PATIALA: They are teenage girls of Indian origin, born and brought up in Canada. And, they are increasingly turning to a life of crime, peddling drugs for easy money and to be able to boast of toughie boyfriends on their arms.

This new generation of Indo-Canadian girls has set off alarm bells in the Canadian police force. So much so that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has launched initiatives like weekend camps and after-school games to keep the young women off the streets.

While doing a special story on South Asian gangs, Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) quoted Rosie Thakar, diversity coordinator for RCMP, Surrey (British Columbia), as saying that more and more Indian origin teenage girls are turning to prostitution and ending up as drug-runners for these gangs.

“Our younger girls are getting used in this process, whether it is for easy money or to get gangster boyfriends.”

What has the RCMP worried is the fact that the number of Indo-Canadian teenage girls joining such gangs is increasing.

A 15-year-old girl taking part in Thakar’s programme said South Asian girls see this as a way to get rich fast.

“Girls just want money. They like to go shopping,” the girl said. “They just need more money, so they sell drugs.”

A worried RCMP has launched a new female-only programme to help teenage girls build self-esteem in Surrey. But the problem is not limited to that region.

Baltej Pannu, an NRI broadcaster who has lived in Canada for 19 years, told TOI : “The problem of South Asian gangs is very serious in all of Canada. Besides British Columbia, these gangs are also a huge headache for police of Ontario province, which also has a dense population of Punjabis


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Original Article can read on http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/nri-girls-turn-criminals-for-money-boyfriends/articleshow/1665053.cms

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