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15 most creative anti smoking ads that will stun you-KenFolios

Smoking is common and opposition to smoking is equally common. The fact is that smoking is rather the most dangerous because is it fastest spreading of the addiction. Smoking utilities are easily available if compared to other addiction and comes at less cost too. Smoking is more dangerous than what is considered generally.

Several organizations are campaigning against smoking. To increase the impact, they come up with creative ads that will force people to consider quitting smoking. We bring you 15 such most creative anti-smoking ads. They will stun you even if you’re a non smoker and if you are …. , you will have to think twice before your next puff.

We have also tried to explain what message these graphics are giving below each of them.


In the ad above you can see a hole in the lips. It is not difficult to understand that the ad says, smoking burns you!



In a very creative ad above it is shown and also written that women who smoke inhale toxic material that they also give to their babies through breast-feeding.


The above picture tries to associate the 9/11 United States twin tower attacks with smoking. The ad also states that deaths due to terrorism since 2001 are 11337 and deaths due to tobacco are 10 million.


The above graphic shows a partially burnt cigarette indicating what a penis is like in case of men who smoke and in the background the female sex partner of the man is shown disappointed with the sex life.




This creative anti smoking campaign says that smoking finishes you the way a pencil is finished as we go on using it.



The above graphic illustrates two people smoking but only their hands are visible meaning smoking is finishing their body slowly.



In a very creative anti smoking campaign by Nicorette. A block structure created by a kid is shown and the kid has created cigarette and smoke. The ads say that when you smoke your children learn from it.




The above  graphic is also very creative which shows a no smoking area in a graveyard where there are no graves. It means that non smokers do not easily make space in graveyard for themselves.




In the graphic above cigarettes are used to display a sucking posture and symbolises that when you smoke you suck rubbish.




In a rather creative image above a man is displayed committing suicide and a cigarette in his mouth. This graphic says that smoking is equal to committing suicide.




In a graphic above. An aged woman who looks to be in 70s or 80s of her age is shown lighting a cigarette using a candle on her 42nd birthday. The ad says that smoking causes premature aging.


In a very effective ad above fingers are displayed holding cigarettes in a manner they look like human penis and the cigarette is shown finishing meaning that smokers lose their sexual strength.



In the ad above a cigarette is shown burning and at a closer angle many structures and the nature is shown burning. This means that smoking not only destroys you but also destroys the world.


In the image above many cigarettes are shown forming a Shisha(Hookah). The image says that Shisha is equal to 200 cigarettes.

Hope all the non smoker liked the graphics above and the smokers have decided to take the action


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